About Me


OK, you want to know about me. Sure, in a moment. But before that, don’t you wonder why another travel blog when virtually everyone travels and most rave on cyberspace about their trip to Pattaya or Dubai and post millions of pictures of their travels on instagram?  I too wondered if there’s room for yet another travel site in this age of mouse-click travel, unself-conscious selfies, and an army of bloggers dishing out breathless advice on where to go, what to eat. I decided yes, there is, because, travel writing is not all about  cliched sights, sounds and smells of sponsored destinations, swaying palms, luxury resorts and tempting tables groaning with Michelin-starred fare.

I am Sudha Mahalingam, resident of Delhi. I believe in real travel, which I have been indulging in, for as far as I can remember. Neither marriage, nor motherhood, not even a demanding full-time professional career in energy (petroleum, oil, gas, electricity) spanning 35 years could come in the way of my peregrinations through 65 countries on the map, some, multiple times. In fact, my career fueled and enabled my travels to a great extent. Most of them have been solo – before it became fashionable in India – although I do enjoy company from time to time.

I love multitasking. As energy economist, I consult, advise, research, lecture.  As member of National Security Advisory Board, I used to be advisor to the Indian Prime Minister on energy security issues; I was also a full-time regulator of India’s petroleum sector. Now, as visiting fellow at reputed international universities and consultant to international energy organizations, I get ample opportunities to indulge my passion to travel and photograph. I have published over 200 travelogues and more than a thousand photographs in national and international publications on places some of which seldom figure on the popular tourist map.  All the photos on this site have been shot by me except when I am in the picture.

This website, in existence since 2005, has been revamped recently in blog style. In these pages, I lead you through several thematically arranged journeys to present you with some unembellished travel accounts and lingering images of our kaleidoscopic planet.  Except two, numerous trips undertaken prior to 2000, have not been posted here, since I had not yet acquired a good camera then.  Virtually every travelogue on this site has been published in national (and occasionally, international) newspapers and magazines with links at the end. Of course, many destinations were not written about because I was busy with my career; for those, I have given a short introduction.

Before I conclude, I must record my appreciation for my family – husband and two sons – without whose unstinting support I could not have been so footloose and fancy-free.

Now that you know a little about me, would you care to leave a comment or suggestion? Email me at mahalingamsudha@gmail.com if you find these pages interesting.