Enchanting Islands

Enchanting Islands

Islands are magical. They often are quirky, funky, wilful, eclectic and more. Islands are never insular even when isolated. Vibrant, multi-ethnic, multi-lingual or pidgin, multi-cultural in a way mainland can never be, islands are the stuff of legends and lore. They are too independent to be owned by any one. Often the product of volcanic eruptions, islands are also hardy. They are often laboratories where nature conducts her whimsical experiments. Their intimacy to the sea endows them with an aura unmatched by mainland.

Dive aboard and lose sight of the shore as I lead you through some stunning islands on our planet – the Galapagos, Bali, Zanzibar, Victoria, Sicily, Gibralter, Suomenlina, Lady Elliott, Bet Dwaraka and many more.

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  • You inspires us all. I want to travel. But it seems with the pandemic has made most people travel within their own country.
    What about you madam? Are you planning to travel abroad soon? An if so, where are you traveling,
    Thanks you for being,

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