Alexandria, Bibliotheque Antique (2008)

Alexandria,  Bibliotheque Antique (2008)

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When Alexander, the Great founded Alexandria, some 2300 years ago, the Nile delta splayed all over, stretching for over 180 miles all the way to Port Said. Alexandria was the star of the Hellenistic world under the Ptolemaic kingdom for a thousand years, one that could hold its own against the dazzle of Rome.  A grand lighthouse that stood on its shores guiding sea-faring empires through the clogged waterways of the Mediterranean. Alexandria was home to not one, but three wonders of the ancient world – the Great Library (which has since been replaced by a very modern one) and the Great Necropolis. The lighthouse is long gone, but the library has since been rebuilt in post-modern style and houses some priceless volumes. (This is a photos-only feature)

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