Delhi-Bangalore Road Trip (2015)

Delhi-Bangalore Road Trip (2015)

3000 kms, 4 days, One-Way Delhi-Jaipur-Udaipur-Ahmedabad-Baroda-Surat-Mumbai-Pune-Goa-Karwar-Darwar-Bengaluru

What do you do when you are left with an embarrassment of cars? Our son left his car with us when he moved to Singapore and I did not want to be saddled with another vehicle in Delhi. So I decided to drive it all the way to Bengaluru rather than ship it. So, my husband I set out on a most delightful cross-country road trip through kaleidoscapic India.  The landscape varied from temple towns to the vast desert lands of Rajasthan, the lake city of Udaipur where we stayed the first night. The next day, our drive took us past the cloth mills of Ahmedabad through imperial Vadodara and cluttered Surat to maximum city Mumbai. We went up the ghats through Lonavala and on to Pune where we halted the second night. The third day’s driving took us through the lush green forests of Goa and Karwar where we stopped for the night. From Karwar, we drove through delightful Dandeli jungles to Dharwad and thence home, to Bengaluru!

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and we were home in Bengaluru on the fourth day.

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  • I love seeing a woman especially from India out and exploring the world. I am from the USA. I decided to go backpacking through India alone. (Ian also female). I spent 3 months trekking around. I had no plans once I arrived. I stayed with a family for about a week to get the hang of how things work in Hyderabad. After that I went south then to the north. It was a life changing experience. People could not get over me traveling alone but for me it just felt right. Anyway thank you for this post. I later married a guy from Bangalore (he lived near me in va). I have been back to India at least 5 more times and I even had surgery in New Delhi. Thank you

  • Hi Jennifer, Thanks for your comment. India has changed now. So many young women are backpacking solo. Glad you liked your stay in India and kept coming back.

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