Tokyo-Kyoto Shinkansen Past Mt. Fuji (2013)

Tokyo-Kyoto Shinkansen Past Mt. Fuji (2013)

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Figuring trains in Tokyo Station is not for the uninitiated. The station is crowded, there are far too many trains going off in all directions. Quite a few of them are bullet trains that look absolutely stunning. Finally, I managed to make my way to the correct train and awaited my turn to board. The usher showed me to my seat, which, with much aforethought, I had reserved on the right side of the train so that I could get a view of Mt.Fuji as we chugged past it. The Japanese countryside is densely populated with one town after another coming up in rapid succession. A few cultivated patches, presumably paddy are interspersed with urban agglomerations. The houses look like matchboxes, all neatly laid-out, Japanese style. And then came the moment I was waiting for. Mt.Fuji was making a guest appearance at a distance from time to time, but at some point, we pass very close to it. The crest, immortalised in myriad photographs glistened in the golden rays of the morning.

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