Peering into the Past

Peering into the Past

The most fascinating journeys are those that lead you backwards – in time – step by chipped, cracked, crumbling step.  If you manage not to trip or slip through the cracks, a world of wonder awaits you. These are places that tease and tantalize, excite your imagination and challenge you to reconstruct a remote and distant past, often from stray fragments left behind serendipitously.   The clues range from ruins of ancient settlements to remnants of prehistoric pottery, faint cave etchings to fragmented mosaics, scarred sculpture, maimed statuary, shattered structure.  If you happen upon something whole and undamaged, you have hit jackpot!

Come, peer into the past for rare glimpses of ancient sites ranging from Abu Simbel to Alexandria and Angkor Vat, Bukhara to Borobudur, Delphi to Esfahan and Giza, Machupicchu to Minoan ruins in Knossos, Pompeii and Petra to Persepolis, Samarkand to Shiraz and Yazd. The articles on these pages are not impressionistic pieces, but backed by research into their provenance.

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